The Best Sounds of the Commodore Amiga Demoscene

Von am 22.07.2015 um 21:13 Uhr | 0

This is our personal selection of the best from the good old Commodore Amiga demoscene of the late Eighties, early Nineties. Almost all of these sounds were created by young musicians from all over the world, who didnt get a single dollar for creating those. It is true fan art, and we miss this golden age of home computing. This is our tribute to make sure these fantastic sounds will never be forgotten.

Different people define different tracks as "best of", this is our selection. It includes all of our favorite mods from Crackintros, Dentros, Demos and whatnot. Unlike some already existing playlists here on SoundCloud we didnt make a difference whether the track was in a special tracker format or not. You may also find some tracks which were converted from the C64, but most of these tracks were originally created exclusively for the Commodore Amiga. We just put them together, there was only one criteria to be met: Do we like it or not? Also please note that almost all of these tracks were created in 1987-1992, the golden age of Amiga. There may be other fantastic tracks after that timeframe, but these are the classics to us. Please also note that we tried to give proper credit to the composer. In some cases this was impossible, so if you see an error - please let us know! If you are a composer and what us to remove your track, get in touch as well.

We send huge kudos to AMP and Exotica for their fantastic collections! Without them this list wouldnt exist.

Please note that creating this collection was a ton of work: We spent weeks looking for these sounds, ripping them to .wav and converting to MP3 and properly ID-tagging them. We joined the stereo channels of all tracks, because it just sucks if you listen to them on a headphone and have some effect only on the left, others on the right. We also took the time to edit the modules: When they were looped (like many crackintro-tunes), we either kept one or two rounds of the track. Some tracks were vey low in volume, we increased it. In some tracks we either added fading in, fading out, or both, because it sounds much nicer. We took Jesper Kyd's fantastic track from the demo "Global Trash" and merged it with the introtrack in front of it, because the intro simply kicks ass.We took Audiomonster's track from "ICE" and did keep only the first track, because the original modules is endless with different songs in one mod. So as you can tell, we spent a lot of work on each of these tunes.

And now join us and enjoy what we think is the best of the best of Commodore Amiga Music, bringing back fantastic memories of the past!