Iron Maiden in 8-Bit created on Commodore Amiga

Von am 31.03.2015 um 23:25 Uhr | 0

Round about 20 retrofans from all over Europe spent four months in their project “Stuck Somehwere in Time” to compose some of the greatest hits from Iron Maiden using the 4 channels of the Commodore Amiga, each of them in 8-Bit.

What makes this project really special is also the support of three different platforms:  „Stuck Somewhere in Time“ is available as a webpage which can be accessed with any browser (Note: Unfortunately there is no sound output on iPad). But the team also offers downloads for Amiga and Megadrive (aka Sega Genesis in North America). The Amiga version comes as .ADF and .DMS and can be written back to 3.5 inch disks or opened via an emulator (like WinUAE). The download for Sega Megadrive includes a .BIN file which can be opened using Emulators like the Fusion Emulator.

It is probably the first time that the very same experience is being launched for web, a home computer and a video console.

You can visit the official webpage from Stuck Somewhere in Time here.

Here is the download link to the Amiga-Version.

Here is the download link to the Sega Megadrive (aka Genesis) file.

The result is definitely worth watching and listening to! Here is one of the tracks: