The top 20 Crackintro Modules of Commodore Amiga

Von am 07.10.2015 um 23:41 Uhr | 0

Every proud owner of a home computer back in the late Eighties, early Nineties and loved them: the compelling sounds of crackintros. Here's our selection of the Top 20 from the good old Commodore Amiga. 

Todays PCs and Tablets are far from being as emotionally binding as the home computers of the late 1980ies, early 1990ies like the Commodore C 64 or Amiga 500. They created a vibrant subculture, where fans all over the world swapped the latest and greatest on schoolyards and computerparties.

While in todays modern PCs one would simply replace the soundcard, the configuration of home computers was always the same in terms of sound and thus pretty limited. The outstanding creativity of coders from the demoscene allowed these to overcome these boundaries, reaching the limits of what was technically possible back then.

What they produced with the Commodore Amiga soundchip Paula is still addictive as of today as it was back then. Since digital goods never age, these sounds are luckily as great as back then, even after 25+ years.

They did spread massively because of Crackintros: On every schoolyard people swapped copies of pirated games. The cracking groups who removed the copy protection did mark their release with a small introduction, mostly consisting of a logo, some scrolling text and sound. Since the capacity of 3.5 inch disks was limited, these Crackintros including the chiptunes had to be small in terms of filesize by all means necessary.

The outcome are tiny but brilliant pieces of computer culture. This article is our homage to these glorious times of home computing and our attempt to bring across the spirit of them, even for those who did not witness themselves. Enjoy!